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LMR Films

LMR Films

We are a unique indie film company based in the heart of London. We collaborate with some of the best Creatives in the industry.


Our passion lies in combining film, music and art; in finding beautiful ways to retell real-life stories because after all, life is beautiful.


Cyclum (Short Film)

A young woman tries to recover from what seems like a breakup with her boyfriend of 7 years. The breakup occurred two years ago. Her memories tell us the story of what happened between then. But which are past and which are present? Is she trying to move on from a breakup or is it something else? 


Neighbour (Animation)

Film Log Line:

One day, after a continuous cycle of monotonous daily tasks, the house next door is sold, opening the door to new possibilities. 



Registered Office Address: 

85 Great Portland Street

1st Floor

London W1W 7LT

United Kingdom

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