As a director, Rainer Niermann is a ʻCreator of Worldsʼ. 
For each of his stories, he builds a unique, often charmingly quirky and visually unusual microcosm. Rainer lets the world become a symbol for characters, emotions and themes. 

Rainer began as a director in musical theatre in Germany, assisting distinguished directors like Harry Kupfer and Gil Mehmert. Rainer initiated and directed the musical projects “Elisabeth”, “Joseph” and “One More Night”. He regularly works with the renowned Bavarian Theatre Academy in Munich, directing for them, amongst other works, the musical “City Of Angels”. 

His short films have been screened at film festivals around the world, with “A Small Place” and "Enchanting Rupert" winning awards for ʻBest Filmʼ, 'Best Short' and ʻBest Screenplayʼ.

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